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Green tea pack with 5 flavors

The beneficial effects of green tea on health are numerous: fight against fatigue, energizing effects on the metabolism or even weight regulation.

Each of them contains properties that you may not have known about until you discovered this Pack wich contains 5 tubes of 100% natural green teas with flavors: Ginger(100gr), Lemon blossoms(100gr), Mint(100gr), Jasmine blossoms(100gr) and Red roses(100gr).




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Thé vert gingembre
Ginger has aphrodisiac, antioxidant and antibacterial properties.


Thé vert verveine citronnelle

Lemon blossoms have a soothing effect and promote sleep.


Thé vert menthe

Mint is famous for its ability to soothe digestive disorders, headaches, as well as for its antispasmodic effects.


Thé vert Fleurs de jasmin Jasmine is a sedative and is known to be rich in antioxidants, reduce blood pressure and facilitate blood circulation. ! Do not use in case of pregnancy


Thé vert boutons de roses séchés The red rose soothes intestinal inflammations, diarrhea and relieves respiratory tract ailments.

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