Our mission

From the name of an ancient doctor to products that contribute to well-being in a natural and elegant way. 

Endorsing the name of the first Asian doctor in the history of traditional medicine, TREATA becomes a brand whose vocation is to push each individual to consume differently by recovering the original ties of the human being. Nature and man connect through multiple aspects including food and cosmetics. By encouraging the reconnection to nature, a new and unique experience is provided to those who have the chance to meet TREATA.

Our brand creates products that give nature and health a long-neglected place. The intrinsic qualities of the selected ingredients allow us to perfect, preserve and safeguard your physiological, aesthetic and mental well-being. Our brand serves as an intermediary between those who are curious about new discoveries and wish to recover their original balance and 100% natural products.

TREATA harvests nature for your well-being.

TREATA's vocation is to accompany you in the discovery of plants and the multiple treasures they contain. To consume TREATA is to take care of yourself in a different way by enjoying the most precious things that nature has to offer.

Our products

Ranges designed to satisfy each of our customers

TREATA will always give you the choice through its various ranges and collections. Whatever the flavor, the fragrance and the format you are looking for, there is something to delight every taste.

Our clients

Clients who care about their well-being.

Whether you are a novice or an amateur, you will succumb to the delights that TREATA offers through its 100% natural plant selections.

TREATA products provide priceless pleasure and are accessible to all.

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